Coronovirus challenges

Its been a very challenging time for the whole Team at The Hub and we all look forward to gaining some normality, whenever that comes. In light of this, all our courses are under review until further notice. We are just in the process of making any refunds for this weekends Anger Management course so please bear with us.

If you are interested in the couples training, please contact us before making your purchase. Our TA 101 will go ahead regardless as we will be training via Zoom if we cannot meet face to face.

Thank you for your patience and lets all look forward to some great training in the near future.

Whizz, Bang, Pop!!

As I write this it’s Bonfire and Firework season.  I hate the thought of going out in the freezing cold and being even more freezing cold than I already was. But I love it when I am out there, with a mug of mulled wine and the smell of the fire then the beautiful colours.  This year I wore full on ski gear as I was determined to not get cold. I actually looked like a right plonker because it was a really mild evening and I ended up boiling hot!!  Oh well!

Anyway, I digress. One of the reasons I love delivering training is because I get to witness the whizzing of thoughts going round your heads, a new idea or a new way of thinking about something you already thought you knew.

Then the bang. Sometimes learning can be daunting and overwhelming like a sudden bang but we create a lovely warm environment which is supportive and kind.

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Do you see the word ‘creative’ and run a mile? Do you feel a bit sad that you don’t possess these natural abilities? Is all a bit airy fairy or childish for you? Sit back, I’m going to challenge you and prove that you are creative.

Many people over the years have told me they are not creative.  It frustrates me a little bit so today I want to tell you why I think you are CREATIVE.

1.       Creativity isn’t a skill

Artistic Skill like painting and pottery is a form of creativity but you CAN be creative without having artistic skill.  You don’t need to be good with a paint brush!

2.       You do it every day

Did you choose what to wear today? Have you contributed to your aesthetic living space? Opportunities to be creative are everywhere. The stationary you have on your desk, the flowers you plant in your garden. So, if you say you aren’t creative you clearly are.

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Drighlington Health Hub C.I.C

Drighlington Hub is a welcoming space where individuals can nurture their mind and body. We offer a range of services including Counselling, HypnotherapyYoga and Mindfulness. We also offer low-cost counselling to make our service accessible for most people.

The Hub is also a dedicated training centre and we have recently launched CPD@The Hub, offering a series of high quality yet affordable courses to give students the skills they require to feel competent & confident in the therapy room.

Our courses extend to Qualified Health professionals, introducing a series of Creative Workshops as well as a ranage of Self-Care workshops which are designed to leave each particpant feeling refreshed and invigorated. From Mindfulness and Sound Baths through to creative activities.

How Tall Will You Grow?

My 4 year old daughter came home from her play group with a seed planted in a tiny pot.  I didn’t hold much hope for it to be honest but I did agree that we would water it and look after it so it could grow.

Within two weeks it was about 30 cms. I kid you not!! It also grew two really big leaves. It was clearly on some sort of mission, set out to be the best and get ahead of the rest.  The pot it was in was really small and I kept looking at it with amazement wondering where it had got all its goodness from.

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