Do you see the word ‘creative’ and run a mile? Do you feel a bit sad that you don’t possess these natural abilities? Is all a bit airy fairy or childish for you? Sit back, I’m going to challenge you and prove that you are creative.

Many people over the years have told me they are not creative.  It frustrates me a little bit so today I want to tell you why I think you are CREATIVE.

1.       Creativity isn’t a skill

Artistic Skill like painting and pottery is a form of creativity but you CAN be creative without having artistic skill.  You don’t need to be good with a paint brush!

2.       You do it every day

Did you choose what to wear today? Have you contributed to your aesthetic living space? Opportunities to be creative are everywhere. The stationary you have on your desk, the flowers you plant in your garden. So, if you say you aren’t creative you clearly are.

3.       Creativity is lost

Watch any child play or draw and you will see they didn’t learn to be creative they were born that way. You are creative. You may not have artistic skill, you may have grown up too much and lost the freedom to take creative risks.

But you were born creative and free. It is a choice whether you reconnect with that or not.  And if you work with me it’s a choice too. I have all the resources but you choose if you want to use them.

Whether you are new to working creatively or been doing it for years..

If you want to integrate something different it in to your therapeutic work…

And you want an opportunity to practice being creative in a safe place…

Come and train with me on our Working Creatively Stream.

This year’s classes are live for booking now For the full blog click here –

Looking forward to meeting you soon

Love Nicola x

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